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Educating Yourself


While training on the FS do some research on the web on various RC helicopter brands and equipment available.


Go to your local hobby shop and ask questions.  Most will more than be happy to assist you as you will bring income to them.  Talk to people that are in the store.  You'll find many are happy to share their knowledge and give advice. 


Find a  local flying field and join.  Talk to people about their rig.  Tell them of your plans and if they have any recommendations.


Find a friend who is in the hobby.  This would be the best in educating yourself.  At least you'll know you have someone to turn to for advice and can greatly reduce the mistakes and make getting into the RC world an enjoyable experience.


Buy books and magazines.  There are many introductory books for helicopters or planes.  Buy magazines and read up on the latest equipment available and learn techniques the pros are using.


Join forums and ask away.  You will find  many people online are very helpful and will walk you through every step of the way.  Their wealth of knowledge and experience with various setups is astounding.  I was fortunate to have had the helping hands of many people.  I would have made many  expensive mistakes if I hadn't done my research.


I also thought about buying a used heli or have the store build it for me.  What I realized was that I will be denying myself of this very important learning stage.  Let's just say I did buy the used heli or had the store build it for me.  The problem would arise when something goes wrong.  I wouldn't know where to begin looking.  I wouldn't know how to take it apart as I had no experience in building it and would probably not have the proper tools to take it apart.  I would have to rely on the hobby shop for repairs and upgrades.  This is fine if you have the money.  Even if you do have money I would still recommend building at least one helicopter/plane and have everything else serviced after.  At least then you'll know what they're talking about if they recommend you need to purchase components for repairs.  You'll know if they're trying to rip you off or not.


Since I bought myself a helicopter I can only talk about my experience with this and not with planes.  I do have plans on getting into planes as well.  I have also been training on planes with the FS. 


FS One flight simulator


Bottom line is you need to immerse yourself into this venture if you're serious about it.  There are so many technical details involved that the experience of others can greatly reduce your learning time.  Don't be afraid to say "I don't know".  It's best to be honest to yourself and ask. 


THIS IS NOT A TOY.  These RC aircrafts can be dangerous if handled recklessly.  It can cause SERIOUS INJURY or worse.  Please do not take this lightly.  Take every safety precaution seriously.    Helicopters can fly out of control due to many factors such as equipment failure or mother nature.  When dealing with gas powered helicopters treat it the same way you would any other gas powered equipment.  Even electric powered helicopters.  Observe every electrical safety rules.  Components can heat up quickly, batteries may explode, shorting can occur and interference can ruin a beautiful day at the park.  When building your heli take your time.  Even the smallest of parts, such as a missing or loose grub screw about 2 mm, can bring down your helicopter in seconds.




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