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Intro To Panoramas


Terms, Hardware & Software

Tools & Set-up

Stitching Process 1 - Two nadir shots on tripod

Stitching Process 2 - Two nadir shots on tripod & one hand held

Stitching Process 3 - One hand held nadir shot

Nadir Shooting Techniques - For long exposures

Nadir Shooting Techniques - Avoiding Shadows

Finding The "Point" - Alain Hamblenne's "The Grid" Method



VR Head Reviews


Nodal Ninja 5 with R-D12 Rotator (No longer available)


Nodal Ninja 3


EZ Leveler


Kaidan QuickPan Professional (No longer available)

Manfrotto 303SPH

MK Panorama System - MK Panohead

Modified Manfrotto 303SPH - Eric Rougier's "304"


Photoshop for VR


Introduction To Photoshop - Intro to the Interface, Tools Palette, Layers and History Palettes

Photoshop Basics - File Browsing, Saving, Closing, Understanding Layers and Masking

Working with layers





Shaving the Nikon 10.5 Fisheye Lens

HTML Exposed- Basics - How to create a web page

Introduction to Aerial Photography - Building the camera ship - Phase 1

DJI Innovation's XP3.1 RC Helicopter Autopilot System Review

CAPTRON HeliCommand Profi/GPS RC Helicopter Autopilot System Review

Minicopter Maxi-Joker 3 Build Manual

DJI ACE ONE RC Helicopter Autopilot System Review

Minicopter Diabolo Build Manual




Tripod - Induro CX214