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NOTE:  This review is based on an installation of both Profi and GPS. 


The GPS in this review is a prototype version. 




Packaging Profi / GPS arrived in.


All the components are protected in a clear protective plastic case. 


The Profi


Profi - Front


Profi - Side


Profi - Back


Profi - Top


Profi - Bottom




GPS - Side


GPS - Top


"Prototype #6"


GPS - Bottom


GPS - Port


Profi & GPS



RC Module


RC Module close up.


RC Module - Back.


RC Module - connector


NEW for 2010!


New RC Module encased


New RC Module - Top


New RC Module - bottom


New RC Module - Connector


Air pressure foam ball and accessories.



Regulator cable.  This connects between the Profi, GPS and PC.


A closer look at the regulator cable's connectors.



Serial cable - This connects between the regulator cable and USB adapter cable.


USB Serial adapter cable



New for 2010!


Direct connection from the regulator cable to your computer's USB port.


Cable length is 83 inches.


The driver is available with the latest software.



Mounting accessories


Product CD has the PDF manual and Profi software.




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