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Profi Features

Horizontal and position hold.
o Horizontal mode holds the helicopterís attitude using inertial control when controls are released
o Position hold utilizes optical imaging system to establish its hold. In this mode both Horizontal and Position mode are enabled.

Height Stabilization
o Uses air pressure altimeter and optical ground range measurement to lock the helicopterís altitude.

o Altitude Stick Options
         - Climb Rate
         - Spring
         - Sink Stop
         - Cinetic Compensation

o This allows for flybarless setups.

Tail rotor gyro
o Built in drift free SMM tail gyro

 Automatic Trim
o Allows the pilot to automatically set the helicopterís attitude at any given moment.




Profi LED Display


Start up.


Power on phase.  The LED will blink 10 times.   Do not move the helicopter during this time.


This will constantly glow when ready.


Horizontal hold



Positional hold.


Horizontal hold is also active at this mode.  The LED will flicker if the ground lacks contrast.




Altitude damping mode.




Altitude hold mode.






A constant glow means autotrim is blocked due to the collective pitch at minimum position.


For best hovering results, engage autotrim 2 or 3 times.




Neutral position learned.


Setting the neutral position is done after trimming the helicopter.  Click on the SET button until "P" appears.





Fault during self test.


Servos will be inactive.




Low voltage.

<4 V





GPS Features

o Face Home function
o Tail holding by compass
o Positioning optimize for wind




Blue region - easy, alignment not critical


Green region - horizontal alignment necessary


Yellow / Orange region - Accurate horizontal alignment essential.


Red region - Operation of compass & GPS not reliable





GPS LED Display



GPS starting up.  Waiting for GPS reception.




GPS waiting for Profi.

RC signal not received.

or self test error.




GPS reception sufficient for constant stabilization.




GPS Face Home function active.




GPS position hold active.




GPS position hold selected but not active.




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