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ACE ONE packaging.


What you see first upon opening.


Warranty Information card and Quick Start Guide that contains your serial number. 


Modules are adequately protected.


From left to right:

► Main controller

► GPS/Compass



GPS/Compass top view.


GPS/Compass bottom.


GPS/Compass side profile.


Both GPS and IMU have cable stress relief.


GPS - top


GPS - bottom



ACE ONE's modules use CAN-Bus connection.


The GPS/Compass has an in-line CAN-Bus connection port.


The IMU.


This arrow on the IMU is important during the setup process.


IMU botom



Inside the IMU


IMU's CAN-Bus plug.


The Main Controller.


Main Controller top.


Main Controller bottom.


Main Controller input/output servo ports. 


Notice the Futaba style ports.


Main Controller's USB and CAN-Bus port.


Main Controller has another CAN-Bus port on the other side.


Inside the Main Controller


The contents of the slim black box.


USB cable that is used to connect the Main Controller to your computer.



10 servo extension cables that are used to connect the receiver to the input ports of the Main Controller.


Servo cable is approximately 10 cm.



The GPS/Compass tailboom mount and 3M 5925 double sided tape.


DJI and ACE ONE decals.


The manual states that a CD is included.  This is no longer available.


This was included with early ACE ONE units.  You must download the latest manual from DJI's website.


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