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Packaging XP3.1 arrived in.


All the components are protected in ESD bags.


Main Controller.


Main Controller without the protective housing. 


NOTE:  You only get one.  This image is to show both ends.


Main controller protective housing.


Main Controller- various views




Adapter's Servo Out.  Clearly labeled to easily plug in your servos, gyro and ESC.


Adapter's leads are conveniently labeled. 


X - Auxiliary

G - Gyro

P - Pitch

U - Auto

R - Rudder

E - Elevator

A - Aileron

T - Throttle


Adapter's LED port. 


Plug the LED here.


Other side of the Adapter.


The adapter requires a 7.4V power source.  It has a male dean connector end.


Adapter's External ports.


The GPS must be plugged into port #1.


Adapter's Controller port.


The DB15 coming from the main controller plugs here.


Adapter's power switch.



GPS / Compass


There is enough cable to fit most helicopters.


Plug the GPS lead to port #1 on the adapter.


GPS internal (top)


GPS internal (bottom)


LED close up.


Plug the LED lead to the LED port on the adapter.


Update: May 14, 2009





DB15 cable.


DB15 comes with a safety lock.  Please make sure this is engaged.



USB adapter.


Spare neoprene isolators are provided.


SD card acts as the flight "blackbox" for the system.


Product CD has the PDF manual, XP Configure software, USB to serial driver and various video tutorials.




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