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Test flights - Failsafe





Set the failsafe values on your transmitter.  Follow the steps on the manual.


Make sure a test flight in AUTO mode has been performed before attempting an actual failsafe test flight.


Remove the main blades and do a trial run on the ground.  Spool up.  In manual or auto mode move the cyclic around and turn off the transmitter.  The auto pilot mode should engage.  The green LED should be flashing.


When entering failsafe from Manual mode the green LED should flash.


Pitch settings is entirely a personal choice.  As an option a small amount of negative pitch from hover point can be set to have the heli descend slowly.  Use discretion when doing so.  I have mine set to hover.


Below is a video going into failsafe from AUTO mode.

Update: Watch a ground failsafe in Gallery





"Go Home" Failsafe





Download the latest manual 1.10.  Thoroughly go through the Center Position section.


In this video the winds were very strong that caused the helicopter to oscillate vertically.  I did test in calmer conditions and I did not get any oscillation. 


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