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STEP 2:  Web Page Editors


I will only briefly mention two editors; Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver.  If you've gone through some basic HTML lessons from HTMLGOODIES then learning the following editors should be intuitive.


Like most programs the same design and layout is similar to one another.  So, for example, if you can learn Microsoft Word then you can learn FrontPage.  It's that simple.  Both FrontPage and Dreamweaver have a "design" view.  Basically whatever you type or insert into your page you will see in your final page. 


Both have "code" view so you can manually edit code.  This is why it's important to know a bit of code.  If you don't understand HTML code please browse through HTMLGOODIES web site.


Both editors are user friendly and intuitive enough so you can figure things out without the need for a manual.  If you do get stuck simply search on the web for a specific function or feature that you're looking for.   Better yet buy a book on either programs.  Lots of available tutorials and literature out there. 


Images below shows briefly the various pages and options on both programs.




Microsoft FrontPage



Macromedia Dreamweaver



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