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Other Considerations



Connection speed


This directly concerns your viewers.  As I have mentioned numerous times, think about your audience.  I know this is a wild guess.  If you're targeting friends and family who may be connected via dialup then you will have to keep your pages as simple as possible keeping the file size of each page and images as small as you can.


If your target is commercial or people that are connected on high speed internet then you can afford larger page and image sizes on your site. 


I realize when you're starting out you will not have any data to work with.  When choosing a web hosting company think about what how much space you'll need and what connection speed the company offers. 


Here are some data on connection speed that are currently in use.  The percentage of dialup users are decreasing as the cost of high speed is dropping (when bundled with packages) and more accessible than before in remote places.


















Domain Name


How do you get that "www...." name?  This is called a Domain Name.  Basically it's a name that you purchase.  The "DOT COM" was the first extension and it's probably the most popular.  Currently many other extension are available.  Now most web sites are using their country of origin as the extension of their domain name.  For example;  .de, .ca, .eu, etc. 


Most domain names registrars have a domain name service that allows you to search for the name(s) that you wish to purchase.  The cost of a domain name is minimal, sometimes $6 - $10, and can be renewed yearly or purchase a long term package such as 10 years. 


Along with the purchase of the domain name most provide URL, email and DNS management.   Other services are also available, for an extra cost, and varies with each domain name registrars.



Web Hosting


So, now you have a domain name, how do you get your web site out there?  There are many options.  This will depend on your budget and requirements. 


Ask yourself who will be viewing this site?  Will this site pay for itself?  How many hits do you think you'll receive on a monthly basis?


Options are:


► Free hosting service:  Such as Geocities allows free web space but less flexible and minimal disk space.



► Host your own:  Run your own web server at home.  This is possible but you would have to manage your own web server.  You would require a bit of technical background.  This is good as you will have total control of your site.   You should also consider your connection speed.  If this is just for fun and casual viewing by friends and/or family then go for it. 


Other technical background to think about are security, networking, backups, power conditioning, cooling and hardware maintenance/upgrade.



► Have your site hosted:  The cost depends mainly on the amount of data transfer per month and disk space requirements.  Other extra services varies with each hosting site.  This is the best option if you want management free of the technical side.  This option only requires you to manage the web site.   Everything else, such as security and maintenance, is looked after by the company.



FTP (File Transfer Protocol)


Now you have a domain name and have chosen a web hosting company.  How do get your files over to make your site visible in the internet?  Simple; file transfer.   You can download a free FTP program such as WS_FTP, for Windows, to transfer your files.


The hosting company will provide you with a user Id, password and the address of the server.  Simply enter these information and you're in.  Most FTP clients are set up in such a way that the interface is separated by two windows,  One side is your local computer, where your web site files are located, and the other side is the web server. 


On the local computer side navigate to the location of your files and there should be a button on the interface to transfer the files over to the web server.   It is really that simple. 


If you know a bit of DOS or Unix the same principle applies with the FTP command.


Here's WS_FTP



Search Engines


Now that you've created your page, and it has been uploaded, how do you make your site "searchable"? 


Web sites such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others, allows you to enter your site into their search engines for their web crawlers to find you.  The service is not instantaneous.  It takes a couple of days, weeks, or even months for your site to be crawled.


To give you an idea on the choice of search engines...













"Where would you submit your web site?"




This tutorial has been significantly generalized.  There is so much more involved but nothing that is too difficult to learn.  I hope this has given you some idea on how to start your web site.  Hope to browse through your pages someday...




You may contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this review or found it helpful in any way.


Thank you!



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